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USDA Research Integrity Officers

USDA Research Integrity Officers (RIOs) receive, process and report allegations of research misconduct, inform the OIG and USDA RIO of allegations reported to the agency, ensures that all documents and other materials related to allegation are provided to OIG, oversee proceedings to address allegations at intramural research institutions, and finally keep the USDA RIO informed of the status of any reported allegations.

USDA RIO and Agency Research Integrity Officers (ARIOs) are listed below:

USDA Research Integrity Officer (RIO)
William C. Trenkle
Phone: 202-690-0745
Email: [email protected]

Agricultural Marketing Service
Michael E. Sheats
Phone: (202) 690-3145
Email: [email protected]

Agricultural Research Service
Pam Starke-Reed
Phone: (301) 504-4788
Email: [email protected]

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Larry Clark
Phone: (970) 266-6036
Email: [email protected]

Center for Nutrition Policy Promotion
TusaRebecca Schap
Phone: (703) 305-4363
Email: [email protected]

Economic Research Service
Greg Pompelli
Phone: (202) 694-5002
Email: [email protected]

Farm Service Agency
Ed Rall
Phone: (202) 445-5576
Email: [email protected]

Food and Nutrition Service
Richard Lucas
Phone: (703) 305-2017
Email: [email protected]

Food Safety and Inspection Service
Alexander Domesle
Phone: 202-720-9258
Email: [email protected]

Foreign Agricultural Service
Diane Wray-Cahen
Phone: (202) 690-3324
Email: [email protected]

Forest Service
Alexander L. Friend
Phone: (202) 205-1665
Email: [email protected]

Grain Inspection, Packers & Stockyards Administration
Timothy D. Norden
Phone: (816) 891-0470
Email: [email protected]

National Agricultural Statistics Service
Benjamin Reist
Phone: (202) 720-0324
Email: [email protected]

National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Max Teplitski
Phone: 202-734-1808
Email: [email protected]

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Terrell Erickson
Phone: 202-720-5992
Email: [email protected]

Risk Management Agency
Trina Weilert
Phone: (816) 926-3942
Email: [email protected]

Rural Development
Alexis Solano
Phone: 202-690-3407
Email: [email protected]