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Employee Travel

USDA offers its employees who are traveling on official business special services and discounts to assist with their travel needs.

The GSA SmartPay Program provides agencies with travel payment solutions. The current SmartPay 2 Government Travel Charge Card contract will expire on November 29th, 2018 and the new SmartPay 3 contract will begin on November 30th, 2018. Please visit for information such as milestones and answers to frequently asked questions to support USDA’s transition from SmartPay 2 to SmartPay 3.

USDA travelers use special government hotel rates, tax exemptions, and airfare discounts. Employees must also follow federal travel regulations when working out-of-town.

USDA Travelers who plan on traveling internationally for USDA must obtain official passports and visas through the FAS International Travel Section (ITS).

The U.S. General Services Administration offers many travel services and special programs for federal agencies and employees.

USDA has travel policies for its employees which supplement the Federal Travel Regulation.