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China Lifts Ban on U.S. Poultry

00:01:00.264   2019-11-14   
China has lifted a four-year ban on our nation's poultry entering into that market. (Rod Bain and Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Ted McKinney)

Brazil Wheat TRQ Implementation and U.S. Wheat Export Opportunities

00:00:59.506   2019-11-14   
Brazil has agreed to implement its annual duty-free allotment of wheat imports which bodes well for U.S. wheat export prospects to that market. (Rod Bain and Under Secretary for Trade and Foreign Agricultural Affairs Ted McKinney)

New Report Shows Rural Areas Behind Others in Most Economic Measures

00:01:00.055   2019-11-14   
Are rural areas still falling economically behind metropolitan counties? A new report has the answer. (Gary Crawford and John Pender)

Inspecting Incoming Foreign Cargo for Pests is a Bigger Job than in the Past

00:01:00.055   2019-11-14   
With rapidly growing imports of foreign food and agricultural products, the people at U.S. ports of entry who inspect those imports for pests and diseases have a lot more work to do than in the past. (Gary Crawford, Bret Erickson and Kurt Reichert)

New Trade Deal Is Potential Boost for U.S. Dairy Exports to Japan

00:00:59.768   2019-11-14   
A former Agriculture Secretary sees the potential of increased U.S. dairy export opportunities in Japan once a trade agreement begins operating between the two nations. (Rod Bain and President and former Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack)

Interest in Irrigation and Water Management Survey

00:01:00.107   2019-11-14   
A 2017 Census of Agriculture survey is generating data about trends in farm irrigation and water management, as well as generating interest among stakeholders. (Rod Bain and John Farner of the Irrigation Association)

A Project to Empower Women Farm Operators

00:00:58.096   2019-11-14   
"Annie's Project" is inspired by family and designed to create networks and information management systems for women ag operators. (Rod Bain and Ruth Hambelton)

Actuality: Inspiration and Mission of "Annie's Project"

00:00:59.820   2019-11-14   
Retired University of Illinois Extension expert and founder of "Annie's Project", Ruth Hambelton, explains how her mother was the inspiration for this program designed to empower women ag operators.

Current Cold Wave Could Bring Problems for Agriculture

00:01:00.055   2019-11-13   
The current record cold wave could have some effects on agriculture, but not all of them detrimental. (Gary Crawford and Brad Rippey)

Storm System Bringing Rains and Wind to Parts of the Southeast

00:00:57.835   2019-11-13   
A storm system out of Mexico is bringing rain and wind to Georgia and the Carolinas. (Gary Crawford and Brad Rippey)

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