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rural housing direct loan program

Bringing Decent, Affordable Housing to a Rural Mississippi Community

Recently, Trina George, Mississippi State Director for participated in the Rosedale Estates open house. The Open House commemorated the completion of a new 24 unit apartment complex in Rosedale, Miss., that received funding from USDA. The apartment complex received two loans through the . The most recent loan was finalized two years ago.

Thanks to USDA, a South Dakota Mom, Children and Grandmother have a Home of Their Own

Tonya Clyde, a single mother of two young children was in the process of a divorce and living in a home owned by her soon to be ex-husband.  She needed to find a home for herself, her children, and her 86-year old grandmother.  Since she had always been a stay at home mom and never held a job, she was desperate to find employment and a new home.

With the help of her grandmother to watch the children, Tonya obtained a full-time job as a sales associate.  Becoming employed was a huge accomplishment, and the possibility of owning her own home and providing a better life for her family convinced her to check into

With USDA Help, a Nebraska Mom gets a House

Katie Bowens and her family had been renting an apartment for five years. They wanted a chance to have a home of their own. The Norfolk Housing Agency (NHA) directed Katie to USDA in an on-going partnership effort.

The City of Norfolk, acting through NHA, notified the local USDA Rural Development office of a Community Revitalization program they were working on.  They thought Katie would be a perfect fit. The City had received funding from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) in 2007 and 2008. These grants, written and administered by the Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District (NENEDD), are available to demolish dilapidated properties within the city limits. They also allow funds to be allocated to low-to-moderate income families in the form of construction subsidies and down payment assistance.

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